Yosh | Yosh - Real-time bidding beacon based promotion platform for retailers
It’s time to choose the indoor positioning system that puts your shoppers first. Help your customers make a better choice, control the in-store information space, and enjoy your sales boost.
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Don’t be satisfied with less!

It’s time to choose the indoor positioning system that puts your shoppers first.


Welcome your customer calling them by name and offer only the things they need


Direct them around the store


Let them know about your current discounted items. They’ll enjoy it

say Come again

Say Come again to the customers leaving the store and let them know how much they’ve just saved

Deliver useful content to your customers. You can choose Prebuilt User Interface (Templates) to provide an amazing shopping experience and launch a unique campaign
in just 15 minutes.

less than 15 minutes

Create an unsurpassed shopping experience for your customers in less than 15 minutes.

Our system offers over 100 fully tested templates that are ready to be used. These are just a few of them:

Offer your shoppers the wines that are popular among celebrities

Let them know where to find the items that are perfect for a traditional or Asian-style Christmas part

Suggest a few original St. Valentine’s Day ideas

less then 15 minutes
Yosh Real-time bidding ibeacon based promotion platform

You won’t have to work with thousands of different apps to control what they’re offering to your customers. You can simply give us access to your beacons, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What will you get in exchange?

Increased traffic and sales
An efficient loyalty program
Access to extensive data to carry out comprehensive analytics
Full control of all of the installed beacons

Our team installs and supports beacons at your stores all across your country. We’ll offer you a beacon that will best suit your retail space.

Get the data to analyze customer behavior and preferences.

Here’s just some of the data that you surely would like to use:

Hourly traffic and traffic by day of the week

The way your customers move around the store

Which of the items from the shopping list are currently available at your store and which are not

Which of the purchased items are not from the shopping list

Yosh gives the data to analyze customer behavior and preferences

We’ll provide analytical information according to your requirements

Let’s get started!

  • We’ll select and install beacons to meet all your needs. Also, we can offer you our individually designed beacons to match your store’s interior design.
  • We can set up your app and connect you to the network of our partners’ shopping apps.
  • We’ll give you full control of your in-store beacons.
  • We’ll ensure security. Your data will stay with you.
  • We’ll show you our best shopping experience options and help you choose the templates that will suit you best.
  • We’ll provide analytical information to achieve better efficiency and improve profits.